Majestic Kennel Puppy

German Shepherd Puppy

Dear Dave,

Here is a photo of the puppy I received from you at Detroit Lake last August. She is six months old here. I couldn’t be happier with her. She is quite high drive, so we romp though the sagebrush most days with her friend, a ten month old husky named Luna. She is fit, healthy and very happy. And she is so sweet and beautiful- smart, friendly and one hell of a watchdog. My expectations are far exceeded and I wish to thank you for providing me with such a great companion. Please forgive me for gushing, but she is really something.

Best Regards,


Jaegar German Shepherd Dog


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we are with Jaegar. He quickly became part of the family and now, at 5 Months, I can’t imagine our house without him!

He is very smart, has a great temperament and rock solid nerves. I have worked him in obedience almost every day using markers and a tug, and he is doing fantastic. He knows the following commands: box (going to his crate), sit, down, stand, here, bring, out (drop), leave it, watch (bark), potty (his specific spot in the yard), touch (he will leave and go to a touch pad) and place (sitting between my legs). I have purposely not taught him any “Tricks”, as that isn’t what I wanted in a dog, but rather a dog that would be extremely obedient – and that is what we have. He is also great around children, and he walks with me and my girls to the school bus stop every morning. There are 15-20 kids there every morning, and he quietly sits in his “place” until the bus comes and we head back home.

In addition to the obedience commands, he also knows “Find it”, for doing scent work. I use 8-9 identical containers for his training, and he will indicate on the one with the scent article in it. He can also track, and will find our girls wherever they happen to by hiding on my dad’s 20 acres.

I greatly appreciate your help in choosing the right puppy for our home. I don’t think I would have been happy with a Low Drive puppy, but I am not sure we were (or are) ready for a High Drive puppy. Jaegar fell somewhere in the middle and is just what we were looking for. Without your guidance I may have opted for the High Drive pup, which I now realize I didn’t have the time to dedicate to, and regretted it later. I would recommend Majestic Kennels, without hesitation, to anyone looking for a German Shepherd Puppy.

John Ralston
Colbert, WA


Ryker Oregon German Shepherd

What can I say about Ryker? Currently at 7 months old, he weighs around sixty to seventy pounds. He’s a beautiful big boy. He has a great personality, is highly intelligent and eager to please, and easily picks up new things. He gets himself into trouble at times and when he does, he puts himself in timeout once he is found out.

Ryker loves to ride the 4-wheeler, and, if you don’t let him on, he will stand in front of it until you do. While riding, he stands on his hind legs and wraps his front legs down over my shoulders and rests his head on mine so he can see where we’re going. We live out in the country and my husband works away from home – I work shift work. We purchased Ryker for protection. When I come home, Ryker walks through the house with me checking out each room, closet. and shower. He picked this up very easily and while he is only seven months old, when I place the leash on him and tell him we are going to search, he is all business until we’re done. Then it’s puppy playtime!

Each time I have taken him into the vet, I am always told by either vet what perfect confirmation Ryker has. Ryker was my birthday/Christmas gift from my husband and I keep telling my husband he is the best gift ever. Even tho Ryker is not a “house” dog, I spend a lot of time with him and he enjoys being outside playing with all his toys. When it snows, he actually sits on the patio and catches snowflakes.

Dave with Majestic Kennels has been great to work with and if ever in the future we were to look for another Shepherd, we would definitely check back with Dave.

Jeanne McDaniel
Ryker’s mom


Macnamara German Shepherd DogI would like to thank Dave for all what he did to get the puppy ready to ship to Alaska. You did a wonderful job in finding a airline kennel to ship the puppy to me and get reservations on Alaska Airlines in such a short time frame.

In the future if I do get another puppy, I will surely call Dave again. The puppy I received is doing great – full of energy, loving, and quiet. Thanks again, Dave.

Dolores Loucks


Amber Oregon German Shepherd

You might remember us – we met you at the Petco parking lot in Beaverton about two years ago and picked out Amber. She was the last puppy you had available of a litter of ten. She had a smaller-built frame and had short fur, exactly what we wanted. Amber has been the best dog any of us have ever had! If you need a testimonial of the good nature and breeding of your puppies, I’m in. She has a fantastic temperament, is very intelligent, sensitive, and extremely loving. We all fight over her and say “my dog” while we are hugging her. Even our grouchy black lab who has never been a social dog has changed for the better. Buddy has learned a lot from Amber about how a good dog should act and not be so fearful. You were very patient and understanding as we were uncertain if a GSD puppy would work in our family structure. You answered a lot of questions after she arrived home with us as we were rookies – about when her ears would straighten up. And the biggest compliment: Please add us to your email list (or Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) so we can visit when you have your next litter of puppies! Amber really needs a dog that can keep up with her. She was born on June 15, 2008. Petra and Zeek were her parents. Photo below is Amber at 2 years with Buddy at Christmas Valley.

Cathy Chrenka

Maverick and Arie

Maverick and Arie German Shepherd Dogs


I cant thank you enough for your referral to Dave Minard and Majestic Kennels. I think your consulting with Dave has really helped to keep your goals and breeding focus alive, and will be a legacy for years to come.

I am absolutely impressed with my puppies , and their drive is commensurate to their brain, making a perfect dog in my opinion.

Maverick went out for his vet visit. In the wait room, I got to see some sch type drive, as he ferociously barked and growled at a rottie mix. After his initial barking I asked him to settle and he quietly settled at my feet and waited for the next instruction. The vet was totally amazed by this puppy and said he had not seen a GSD puppy with such nice coat, conformation, drive, and intelligence in a long time.

I love a brave dog, who has the sense to shut off when asked by his owner. He is truly exactly what I was looking for in a dog.

Both puppies are house broke already , barking or whining at the door to go out. We had only two accidents total between the two puppies and those were on the first and second day home.

Thank you again for everything and I hope we stay in touch. I am going to work a little with Lori Nickerson on some obedience and agility work over the next year. I also am doing some tracking already, both pups are amazing! They stay on task to find the end product for about 30 feet.

They have excellent brains, noses, drive, and of course….they are cuddly lovebugs…

Theresa Denham Juniper Meadow Ranch